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Meet David

How’s it going, everyone? So you’re here to learn a little bit about David Jr.? That’s right. I said Jr. Well, I guess if we are going to do this, we should do it right and start from the beginning. David S. Cochran Jr. was born on 27 February 1996 in Langhorne, PA, and grew up in Chalfont, PA, 20 miles outside of the City of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia. His father, Dave Cochran, hence the Jr, bounced around from job to job before landing a gig as the CFO of an east coast title company. His mother, Sandy Cochran, served the community as a nurse for 25 years before becoming a Nurse Practitioner. She currently visits patients at their homes who are too ill to make it to the doctors. And finally, his younger sister, Dayna, is presently attending Gwynedd MercyUniversity to pursue a nursing degree. She has somehow found a way to stay in college for six years without failing a single class, so she’s living the life. Anyway, back to David, growing up, his biggest passion was sports. David played soccer for one year at the age of 4 because he was too young to play any other sport. Once he reached the rightful age of 5, David dropped soccer and moved on to play baseball, football, and hockey. Out of the three, hockey and football stuck the most, and he played both up until the 9th grade when he had to choose between the two.

If you’ve seen a picture of David, then you know he is not built like your standard football player, so hockey it was! And he went on to play all four years of high school on the varsity team. He also ran track. Outside of sports, David was involved in a wide variety of activities, some of which included playing the drums for his church youth band and being elected onto the student council as Class Historian. Yes, we know, not that cool. He was also involved in many charities to give back to those less fortunate, whether it be building homes for Application State Project, spreading Christmas joy with hot meals and toys to inner-city children, or helping out with 5k fundraisers, he tried to help in any way he could. In his free time, David always continued chasing his creative passion. At the age of 10, he wrote, directed, produced, and edited a 12 episode, homemade TV show called Stupid Times. At the age of 11, David created his own ‘Scene It’ board game, and at the age of 12, he organized an entire football league with trophies and fans. He would eventually go on to create videos for his high school class and different hockey and softball teams. Following high school, David went on to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Public Health at the University of South CarolinaGo Cocks! During this time, David and his father created the idea of ‘Brother at War,’ but were too busy to pursue it. While there, he continued his hockey career and was a part of the Naval ROTC battalion and USC Greek Life.

While balancing his extracurricular every week and taking 21 credits every semester, David went on to graduate in four years with high honors. Following college, David wanted to pursue a career in medicine and decided to apply to graduate school to become a Physician Assistant, but first, he needed to get more experience under his belt, so he became an EMT. For two years now, he has worked in the city of Philadelphia, serving the community as a first responder. During his time, he has been sent on deployments by FEMA to aid in hurricane relief efforts and, most recently, sent to New York City for 40 days to support FDNY with their 911-call volume during the peak of the Pandemic. Have a look at what this Fictional Thriller is all about…! and working 16 hours every day in both New York & Texas, with no days off, David was exhausted, but it was there that he discovered his love for writing.

Whenever he was not on a call, he would take his mind off things by writing about his idea he generated with his father nearly four years prior. Thus, creating the fictional world known to many as ‘Brothers at war.

‘Oh yeah, I almost forgot, “Go Eagles!” – David