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How many of us are often misjudged or we misjudge others because of what they hear from others? This is something that happens more than once in a week, especially at a workplace or even in academic institutions.

Trust is one of the most important possessions of an individual that is given freely. Sometimes you will give away some of your deepest secrets that you held on for years unintentionally. On one hand, that is not a wrong thing to do, considering the person you are sharing it with is very trustworthy. The person earns your trust but is still not trustable.

When secrets are given away, and the person defies your trust, you feel furious and sad. Some people even go to the point of taking revenge. However, there are ways to identify that person if you went through it and want to learn from the experience.

First, you can identify an honest person because they will always be a good listener, which usually follows up with them being supportive. The moment you identify these two points, check for the next sign, which is offering emotional validation. We consider it a vital point because this is where you can find out if they are pretending to understand your feelings or not. The fourth point is identifying if they will relate your issues with theirs. These simple acts show their loyalty to you since they share in your misery and could be hard for them to let out.

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